Registry of the Judiciary

The service of the Registry of the Supreme Court is under the direction of the Chief Registrar.
The said service takes care of the matter inscription, management of the files and documents or other judicial acts raising of the competence of the Supreme Court as well as the orientation of the answerable ones.

The transplant of the Supreme Court behaves:
•    Penal Transplant
•    General Civil Transplant (civil, administrative, commercial and social)
•    Transplant Genocide

Specific functions of the Chief Registrar:
•    The Chief registrar keeps the minutes of all the jurisdiction proceedings, as well as the registers and the cause lists of cases introduced, tried and executed;
•    He/she prepares the jurisdiction proceedings intended for parties and notifies the latter of them;
•    He/she prepares the draft verdicts or rulings when necessary and ensures that they get typed;
•    At the beginning of every calendar year, and no later than 15 January, the Chief Registrar establishes, in alphabetical order, a list of all cases decided by the Court and make a summary of the subject matter of the claim in each case;
•    In criminal cases, he/she establishes a list of all the accused persons, a summary of the offences charged and the court rulings.

The Chief Registrar
RUKUNDAKUVUGA Jean Marie Olivier
Tel: (250) 078 848 62 63

He was born in 1974, he studied at NUR, in the Faculty of Law from 1995 to 2000 and got a Bachelor’s Degree in Law.
Since 2009, he got his Master’s Degree in Business Law.
During his academic studies, he published his works from research like "La protection du Conjoint Survivant en droit successoral rwandais", presented for Degree.
"De la profession de Promoteur Immobilier face aux droits des consommateurs en Droit rwandais", presented for his master’s degree in Business Law.
He also took part in the elaboration of other documents as the one entitled " La protection des mineurs orphelins en droit civil rwandais".
He occupied different posts of responsibility:
•    2001- 2002 : Coordinator of the Association of the Orphans Bosses of Loaded households of set it up of the basic organs of the said Association and social reinstatement of the Orphans Bosses of Households
•    2002 : Formative of the Members of Jurisdictions gacaca;
•    2002-2004 : Loaded with the coordination of the activities of the Clinic Lawful of the Faculty of Right/ National University of the Rwanda;
•    2002-2004 : Direction of the memories den straight;
•    2004 : Registrar to the High Court of the Republic
•    2004-2008 : Chief Registrar of the High Court of the Republic
•    Since October 2008 till today: Chief Registrar of the Courts