Administration of Supreme Court

 The Supreme Court is the highest ranking court of the country, placed under its Chief Justice’s authority. Currently, the Chief Justice is Prof. Sam RUGEGE.

The essential mission of the Supreme Court is to ensure equitable law enforcement according to the logic of complementarity of powers in a democratic society. The Judicial Power cannot therefore be considered like an entity which is separate from social life of which it is the regulator. Is it not obvious that the reconstruction of our society, which has been so much weakened by the genocide against Tutsi in 1994, supposes that we appeal to our institutions for the return to the core values, notably the democratic exercise of the power, the respect of human rights and the eradication of the culture of impunity as well as poverty reduction.

In an effort to achieve these objectives, the role of our jurisdictions, notably the Supreme Court, is not less important. We are convinced that non corrupt justice which is fast and effective constitutes a solution to the most pressing challenges to the people of Rwanda. It is each one of our judges’ duty.

Article 143 of the Rwandan Constitution establishes 4 levels of ordinary courts including:
•    The Supreme Court (the highest court);
•    The High Court;
•    The Commercial High Court;
•    The Commercial Courts;
•    The Intermediate Courts;
•    The Primary Courts.

The organization, jurisdiction and attributions of each court shall be provided for by the law.
The Rwanda Supreme Court respects also the provisions of Article 5 of the Rwandan Constitution on official languages, the reason why it commits itself to ensure that all information elements, information and provided services contained in this site are available in English, French and Kinyarwanda. However, visitors should note that some of the information elements, such as trials and some laws are written in Kinyarwanda, the national language.